Bay Area Peace Events

"The way to make Americans safe from terrorism at home" said Papa Big Lie, from his too-luxurious chair, "is to rain down death, destruction, famine, and disease upon people on the far side of the globe. They've been told that it's because of us that they have so little, and we must not give them any reason to doubt it."

Mama Big Lie looked up from her too-rich porridge and added "Iraq presents a clear and present danger to American interests. We can't find the proof that they're building nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons, and collaborating with al-Qaeda, so they must be hiding them -- proving that they intend to attack us at any moment."

Baby Big Lie stopped bouncing on his too-comfortable bed to chime in. "Everybody knows that! The only people who say otherwise are a handful of isolated anti-American stooges who support the terrorists."

"Oh shut up," said Goldie Grassroots. "Open a window, and you can hear the parade!"


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